Perhaps one of the most exciting technologies to emerge in the last 5 years is cloud computing. The ability to use centralised web enabled applications across geographically dispersed regions, served from central server farms.

On the back of this are Software As A Service applications (SaaS). Cloud based applications typically designed to fulfil a specific need. These come in all sizes, from some of the largest such as Salesforce to literally tens of thousands of applications from companies you will never hear from.

Their challenge remains the same; serve a useful purpose and customers acquisition. Many many of these companies are under funded and have emerged from a need to solve a specific problem, dedication and technical prowess. Reaching profitability or an acceptable client base in order to justify external investment is often referred to as “Crossing the Chasm”.

At Partnify our singular objective, regardless of the size of the enterprise is to help these companies increase their sales and revenue.

We are well underway, but during our incubation we’d like to share some of our thoughts about sales, marketing and technology that relates to the SaaS devotees.

Welcome to Partnify