We’re on a mission to grow your business

Our Mission

Partnify’s mission assist online enterprises, such as Software as a Service, increase their revenue by connecting them to people who are motivated by financial reward. Enable your existing customers to become partners and secure new inspired partners from your visibility in the Partnify marketplace. Our expertise, support and technology will help both companies and partners achieve their goals.

How Partnify Evolved

We’ve seen it all before. A great Software As a Service application looking to grow revenue quickly, either funded or bootstrapped, struggling to acquire customers. As marketeers we look to create demand by using content marketing, reaching out to influencers, traditional PR, strategic partnerships and of course online advertising.
Channel Sales is effectively using in the sales of physical products, but for intangibles such as software and services the challenge is greater. Once such approach frequently overlooked as being too hard is Affiliate Marketing. Successful affiliate marketing is much more than just “Affiliate Marketing”. The requirements depend at what point of the life cycle a company is, demanding different features for different stages of a company’s development.

One Size Does not Fit All

To ensure that we could take the journey with our partners, those looking to their revenue via Channel or Affiliate Sales we felt was critical to offer a diversity of operating modes. To be able to fit in with startups that have a small network, growing companies that have their own network of partners and potential partners and lastly mature companies looking for a white label enterprise solution was fundamental to our design philosophy.
Motivation for Partners
To solve this we looked at the model successfully used by the financial services industry for years, trailing commissions combined with a fee on success model. By leveraging the high gross profit of SaaS companies and recurring revenue partners are enticed to secure new customers. Partnerships are forged from the company’s own relationships and from their visibility in the Partnify Marketplace.
Cornerstones of Success – Outcomes, Transparency, Reliability, Simplicity, Functionality and Support.