Why is becoming a Software as a Service affiliate the new hot ticket? Perhaps its got something to do with the fact the SaaS industry is now estimated to be $100 billion dollar industry, growing at an estimated CAGR* of 16%. Equally impressive is the high commission rate of more than 50% of the recurring revenue for successful conversions.

But for many Software As A Service is a new affiliate or partner opportunity. To discover the opportunity and how to successfully create a recurring income based on promoting Software as a Service companies get the concise and informative eBook.

In it discover:

  • What is the Software As A Service opportunity.
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  • Choosing SaaS companies to partner with.
  • Becoming a successful affiliate.
  • How to use social media, text links and display ads to unlock success.
  • All the terminology to get you up to speed.

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*Compound Annual Growth Rate.