So what is a three tier referral?

Let’s start with the issue; building a SaaS company is hard. Technology is one part but frankly where most fail is customer acquisition. We speak frequently and have referred to [...]

Across two continents – how we work

I have been asked surprisingly often on how I have been able to work effectively with teams based thousands of kilometres away. To me, perhaps having worked overseas, or perhaps being based in [...]

Case Study – Testnetic

How Testnetic Turned the Revenue Corner Background Testnetic is a Software as a Service (SaaS) business that offers a Test Case Management solution to those developing software. It is used by [...]

What is the Partnify transaction fee?

This is a fee separate to the commission paid to the partner that covers our cost of service. This includes our Stripe processing fee, currency conversion, PayPal costs and general running [...]

Who pays the partners (affiliates)?

In short we do. That is why a valid credit card is required to create a campaign. A benefit for the partners is they can work with multiple vendors via their single Partnify account and are paid [...]

What currency am I paid in?

Regardless of the your location and the currency used by software vendors you will be paid in US dollars. The European Central Bank is used to calculate the exchange rate.

How do I get paid?

You must have a PayPal account to be paid. The email address you register with is used as the default PayPal address. This may be changed at anytime in Account Setting.

What revenue can we expect?

Revenue through a Partner channel is dependant on several variables. Partners choose campaigns based on the product that fits their network and the commission that you define. Design of the ads [...]