So what is a three tier referral?

Let’s start with the issue; building a SaaS company is hard. Technology is one part but frankly where most fail is customer acquisition. We speak frequently and have referred to [...]

Across two continents – how we work

I have been asked surprisingly often on how I have been able to work effectively with teams based thousands of kilometres away. To me, perhaps having worked overseas, or perhaps being based in [...]

Income Maths of SaaS Affiliates

At Partnify we believe that becoming a Software As A Service (SaaS) Affiliate is a win/win, a win for the company being promoted and a win for the partner of affiliate. This flies in the face of [...]

Partnify Glossary

Jargon is the bane of many. Here at Partnify our commitment is to avoid it as much as possible, but ultimately any industry, company and product must have some, if only to avoid being verbose. [...]

So what is Partnify?

At Partnify we are very very close to releasing our first incarnation of Partnify. So what is Partnify and what does it do? Read on if you work for, are a shareholder of or investor in a Software [...]