What we do

Companies have alway looked to building partnerships, affiliates network, referrals and other incentive based relationships to grow revenue. Partnify, as the name implies, “partnifys” your business. Partnify is a comprehensive end to end platform for the sourcing, promoting, evaluating and paying of all who become your partners in the critical partner channel.

Developing a solution employing Partnify is not complex, expensive or time consuming, scaling as the business scales. The sole concept behind Partnify is one of a transparent and effective relationship between a company and its partnership. Indeed our logo reflect this as a overhead view of company and partner shaking hands.

The evolution of Partnify

Through first hand experience the founders of Partnify have seen the challenges of growing predominantly technology businesses to the point of sustainability, “crossing the chasm”, accelerating grow or simply┬ábecoming more profitable. Our focus like many other companies today is on the subscription economy enterprises such as Software as a Service (SaaS), that is those who offer a monthly service fee rather than a single capital purchase. For partners these represent a compelling opportunity. The potential of a significant ongoing reward or trailing commission. For companies the opportunity to scales with high gross profit once the fixed costs have been accounted for.

Key attributes that Partnify should/does offer.

In developing the solution based on our experience and the questioning of many companies we developed a core set of requirements;

For companies

  • Simple to implement for companies
  • Suitable and affordable for small and large companies alike
  • Flexible promotions and campaigns
  • Marketplace for visibility
  • Industry expertise, not just a solution
  • Access to thousands of potential partners
  • The ability to create an inhouse partner program
  • Robust analytics
  • Robust, transparent and secure partner payment system


For partners

  • Generous promotions from companies
  • Promotion of companies via email, text referral links and social media
  • A diverse selection of companies to select from
  • Comprehensive analytics to optimise earnings
  • Easily accessible funds