Jargon is the bane of many. Here at Partnify our commitment is to avoid it as much as possible, but ultimately any industry, company and product must have some, if only to avoid being verbose.

So, here are some terms you will see on the Partnify website, application and documentation.

Vendor or Company: The organisation that wishes to build their sales channel by using Partnify. Typically a SaaS based business

Partner, Affiliate or Sales Channel: Those who promote the Vendor in return for commission.

Campaign: All the elements that are user by the parter to promote the company.

Campaign Asset: Image created by the vendor that is used by the partner to promote the business to end users

Campaign Duration: The period of time that a campaign provides commission for referrals that result in a qualified referral event.

Referral Period: The period of time after the initial conversion event that results in a qualified referral.

Impression: Every time a campaign image appears via a partner website an impression is recorded.

Conversion Event: When an image delivered via a partner site is clicked and leads to a vendor partner page this is called a conversion event.

End User: Those ┬ápeople who at some time subscribe to a vendor’s service via a partner within the valid terms of a campaign.

Success Page: A page of the vendor site that typically is the

Landing Page: The vendor page where a partner refers the end user to. This page is defined in the setup of a company.

Qualified Referral: A referral that leads to a commission event for a partner.