At Partnify we are very very close to releasing our first incarnation of Partnify. So what is Partnify and what does it do?

Read on if you work for, are a shareholder of or investor in a Software as a Service company.

Partnify “crowd sources sales” for all businesses but more specifically our focus is those SaaS companies with recurring revenue. Our premise is that by using Partnify as an additional sales channel you can engage more effectively your existing customers via a fully managed Partner Program and perhaps more importantly unlock a new sales channel with people that we introduce to you. Essentially we PARTNIFY your business.

So consider Partnify to be a completely new sales channel, and in return for new customers and revenue, there is a revenue share. Partnify manages this whole process on your behalf. Naturally the better the incentive for Partners the more success your can expect to have.

But to do this reliable and effectively is no trivial matter. More than two years in the making has resulted in an effective and efficient platform to crowd source sales for companies of all sizes.

Attracting new clients from our channel or creating your own partner program using Partnify is easy.  Firstly create a campaign with supporting collateral, such as a display ad, decide on your incentive and campaign duration, then publish. It is as simple as that.

For now Partnify does not charge any monthly services fees, we take a percentage of the revenue created by the channel.

Partnify is a business that is 100{922b85c14ab364ca9c15a78e721fda8bcc17bf9269cfb8e3c43054432e33ed45} cloud, just like our key clients, but do not read that to be hidden and lacking support. We know and understand a key to successful engagement is quality support. If you have pre-sales, post sales, technical or support questions we welcome them here.

Stay tuned, follow us via social media and our blog to discover the parade of features and insights from Partnify.