Testnetic is a Software as a Service (SaaS) business that offers a Test Case Management solution to those developing software. It is used by product managers, developers and testers to effectively manage the testing process. Testnetic improves the quality and speed of software development whilst reducing costs. This Case Study highlights how Partnify was key in creating the first revenue for the fledgling company.


As a bootstrapped business, Testnetic did not have a marketing budget or the knowledge and resources required to promote their own brand.

With no affiliate resources of their own and no marketing capital, Testnetic needed a solution for sourcing affiliates; one that would grow their sales with costs based solely on success.


Testnetic selected Partnify, for a multitude of reasons. These included:

Economic. The appeal of a success only  plan, with no monthly fees. (They subsequently subscribed to a plan)

Testnetic Marketplace. Testnetic freely acquired partners (affiliates) from the Partnify Marketplace. Testnetic offered a generous commission to maximise the number of partners.

Flexibility. Partnify offered drop-in Partner Programs, Partnify-hosted affiliate program pages, and Partnify’s Partner Marketplace match-making.

Rich Analytics and Awareness. Enabled Testnetic to monitor the activity of acquiring new partners and real-time analytics on their  performance.

Ease of Integration & Payment Process. Integration took less than thirty minutes. Partnify eliminated time-consuming payment  administration for Testnetic.

We were getting frustrated with the lack of marketing funds. Basically, I had a product and didn’t know how to sell it. Thanks to Partnify, I was able to quickly start getting customers. We are underway!”

Robert Fleming



Testnetic’s insights and results have led to the following advice on successfully using Partnify:

  1. Create a generous offer. Testnetic decided to offer a commission of 50% of revenue for the duration of the subscription or up to three years.
  2. Use Partnify’s Partner Sign up Widget. Partnify provides a drop-in widget and affiliate page. Testnetic was able to use this to offer their own affiliate program immediately.
  3. Upgrade your plan. Once you start getting sales, upgrading the plan reduces the service fee by up to half.