The Team

From day one Partnify was a global business two long term collaborators based in Melbourne Australia and Phoenix Arizona saw a similar vision and Partnify was born. As the company began commercialisation it was overlaid with investment and corporate experience, as a consequence of an investment from a syndicate of successful business people. This allows the founders to continue realising their mission.

Matthew Brown (Chairman)

Is a Chartered Accountant with more than 20 years’ experience. Matt has floated and successfully exits several listed Australian businesses including IT&e Ltd and Consolidated Gaming Ltd. Matt was a founder of the Australian assets of, that was acquired by William Hill for GBP 530million. Matt brings a unique blend of commerce and deal making skills. Matt and Anthony were founding directors of IT&e Ltd.

Anthony Bodin (CEO)

After a stint selling networking equipment in the UK he returned to Australia in 1993 to setup Australia’s third commercial Internet Service Provider. This was subsequently sold to Asia Online, a Softbank banked venture in 1999.
Simultaneously he co-foundered IT & e Limited whose core expertise was in financial services development. With projects, such as the complete development of the CBA’s Comsec share trading platform IT & e listed on the ASX after raising $15m. He was a director of the business for the first 4 years until the business relocated to Sydney. It was subsequently acquired by the Toronto Stock Exchange.
Subsequently Anthony went on to co-found Exinda Network, a business specialising in network optimisation, responsible for strategy and business development he grew the business using a world-wide distribution network. US venture capitalists invested $8m in the business and it relocated to North America, to maximise the sales opportunities. Exinda was acquired by GFI Software in the US.
Recently his primary focus has been the development of Partnify in conjunction with Jamin.
Anthony has a degree in electrical engineering, is married with two children.

Jamin Benjamin (CTO)

In 1999, Jamin Benjamin joined Rio Salado College, a Maricopa County Community College, as their Senior Database Administrator. Rio Salado is an online college in Phoenix, Arizona (USA).
In the first three years, Jamin was awarded two Innovation of the Year awards, a highly coveted award that is given to only one employee within the entire collective of community colleges (thousands of employees).
Throughout 8 years at Rio Salado, Jamin was a Software Engineer and became the Engineering Team Lead before entering the private sector as a consultant.
In 2010, Jamin was brought on to a small, elite team of senior engineers for Project Unicorn. This stealth start-up, which became Unicorn Media, Inc. existed in the online streaming media industry and developed several US patents relating to “ad-stitching” and streaming media transcoding.
Within 6 years, the company was purchased by Brightcove Inc. for US$60 million.
For the last two and a half years, Jamin’s primary focus has been the development of a company he co-founded with Anthony Bodin.
Jamin has a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance.