In writing an investor report to our group of loyal investors, I thought it was timely to reflect on the progress of the last three months with Partnify. In particular with respect to the core value proposition of helping our clients, SaaS companies group their revenue. It is timely to reflect on engaging with them, how they enabled Partnify in the context of their applications,  how they enabled partners programs and the success or otherwise they are having, FAQs and lastly the pros and cons.

Initial SaaS Setup Is Easy

If you use Stripe (and who doesn’t) getting going is a no brainer – drop a snippet on the landing page, another snippet on the registration page and lastly connect Partnify to Stripe as an authorised application.

Now you are operational, all that is needed is to create a Campaign. Campaigns provide the display ads, commission and commission duration . All these are taken in to account when partners are deciding which companies and campaigns to promote. Campaigns also appear in the Partnify Marketplace, so “put your best foot forward”. Whilst we initially expected partners to work in the industry sectors they have expertise in, many are driven simply by commission rates. Lesson Learnt – make the commission generous. Yes, we can advise you.

Some Marketing Improves Outcomes

To be candid, for the SaaS companies, there has been varying success. The most successful have invested a small amount of time in setting up some marketing collateral and resources for partners and perhaps more importantly potential partners. Spend some time creating a Partner Page. Here is an example for Testnetic, who have the simplest QA and TestCase Management app known to man.  To save time there is a pre-built and customised page in your Partnify application. Remember to be the most successful partners should come from two sources, the Partnify Marketplace and your network.

After logging in you will see two menu items; files and inbox. In Files add the resources that all partners could find useful such as why the app is great, cheat sheets on benefits, customer reviews, anything that could be useful for partners. The is inapp communications to simply and quickly engage your partners.

Engage and Reach Out to Partners

Reach out to your network(s) using social media, email, in app notifications and your blog to share the news you now have a Partner Program. Explain the benefits and the rewards that are possible for taking the time to refer the solution to others. If you look at any of the larger companies that all have similar programs that go by different names; Partner, Affiliate or Influencer are all popular expressions.

Continuous research indicates that this is a valid and effective strategy especially in the early growth period. Lastly reach out to us should you need any assistance or advice.

Check Out the Testnetic Case Study.

Remember there is a commission only plan, with no monthly fees. Ideal if you are just getting going or have a limited budget.