The Three Sided Referral Solution

Referral Marketing Platform

Partnify Marketplace: Crowd-Sourced Sales

Create your recurring income stream

What does Partnify do?

Referral platform & marketplace for SaaS companies

Referral selling can represent up to 30% of revenue. From start-up, with few customers through established companies with the potential of thousands of partners, Partnify delivers a unique and holistic solution for the creation and management of  a successful affiliate strategy.

You’re a Startup Software as a Service business?

You have a great product but few customers. Join Partnify, create a campaign for affiliates and you’ll be in the Partnify Marketplace. The Marketplace is where you’ll crowd source your motivated sales team.

You’re a Growing Software as a Service business?

So you have customers and revenue. Turn your customers into your sales team by providing tools and incentives to convert successful referrals into cash.

For both scenarios there a success only program that literally takes minutes to get going.

Earn as a SaaS Affiliate and Partner

Build a regular income in the fast growing Software As A Service industry.


  • Software as a service is estimated to be growing at 22%* per annum
  • It’s a $75 billion industry
  • Commissions are great
  • It’s easy to get going
  • You can work as little or as much as you like
  • You do not need to be a “software guru”
  • There’s plenty of support to assist you in being successful

In five minutes you can be underway, so watch the two minute video to discover the SaaS affiliate opportunity.


Initially take advantage of the Partnify marketplace and secure motivated partners. As your customer base increases create your own Partner Program using Partnify to further accelerate your revenue growth.



Join the Partnify Marketplace and enjoy a selection of great SaaS companies, incentives and tools and secure your success. Many incentives provide recurring income that create an exciting opportunity. Becoming a partner literally takes seconds.



As your company grows, it’s time for your own Partner Program. Importing your existing customers, inviting them to become partners. Campaign creation, real-time analytics, partner reconciliation and payments are just the start.